Payments Cut-off in Korea (KST)

Channel Payment Type Mon-Fri (not support during holidays) Remarks

HSBC Connect
Domestic LCY Payment (Real-Time Payment) 01:00~23:00 (07:00~23:00*) Payment instruction can be created during 01:00 ~ 23:00 but it is subject to beneficiary bank's cut-off time. 
* Actual account posting time (debit/credit time) : 07:00~23:00
Domestic LCY In-house Payment (STP) 01:00 ~ 23:00 LCY in-house process is STP given that there is no particular restriction on transactions accounts.(i.e. residence status, hold, etc) 
Domestic LCY In-house Payment (non-STP) 10:00 ~ 16:00 In case non-STP processing
Domestic LCY RTGS (BOK-wire) 10:00 ~ 15:30 BOK-wire is non-STP process. 
FCY payments  Cross-Border 1) Domestic 2)   
via SWIFT 3)  via KFTC 4) 
  USD 15:30 15:00 16:00 1) Subject to supporting document review completion.
For cross-border inward payment, cut-off time is 16:00 subject to supporting document review completion and fund cover to our nostro a/c with correspondent bank. 
2) For domestic payment, same cut-off applies for outward and inward payments  
3) SWIFT method is non-STP. 
4) KFTC method (real-time) is STP. Routing to KFTC depends on payment instruction format, beneficiary bank's cut-off time and system capability, etc. 
CAD 15:25
CHF 15:00
CNY 10:00 10:00
AUD 10:30 09:50 09:50
NZD 15:00 V - 1 15:30 V-1  
SAR 15:30 V-2
KRW   10:30 
FCY In-house Payment 10:00 ~ 16:00 FCY in-house process is non-STP. 
ACH Credit Transfer File Level / Pre-authorization Level
- Batch Payment
- Batch run at every hour on the half hour
(06:30, 07:30, … , 21:30)  
01:00~21:30 ACH FLA/Pre-auth payments are executed at batch run as scheduled. 
Any human support such as enquiry or advice on payment failure are available only during business hours (9:30 – 17:30). Any issues beyond business hours will be followed up on the earliest following business day. 
Instruction Level & On-Screen Input
- Batch Payment 
- Twice a day : 08:30 & 15:20
15:20 V  
  Giro-Tax Giro-Tax instruction + Email  + Bills 18:00 (V-1)  


*STP - Straight Through Process without any manual intervention (fully automated)
**Non STP - Not to process in STP manner due to account restriction, internal control procedure, regulation or some error.
***BoK Wire - Domestic large value payment through Bank of Korea. It is on request basis.