Electronic Banking Dispute Settlement

HSBC personal responsible for electronic Banking Dispute Settlement are as follows

The personnel responsible for Dispute Settlement

Personal Banking Call center 1544-3311
Corporate Banking Call center 1588-7639
Name Sharon Kim
Department Legal
Tel / Fax 02)2004-0872 / 02-6716-0238
E-mail sharon.kim@kr.hsbc.com


Dispute Settlement Procedure

Dispute Settlement Procedure

  1. Users resort to the Dispute Settlement Body.
    • In case where users refer the case to the Coordinating Committee or file a lawsuit instead of resorting to dispute settlement body, the body participates in the process.
  2. Bank investigates facts by contacting other banks or relevant institutions or requesting investigation to investigation authorities.
  3. Bank notifies users of investigation results within 15 days in accordance with Article 14 clause 2 of Enforcement Decree of Electronic Financial Transaction Act.
    • If users agree to the settlement of bank, the procedure comes to an end here
  4. Users appeal against the decision, if users do not agree to the settlement of bank.
  5. Dispute Settlement body steps in the appeal process.
    • If both parties accept the decision on appeal, it has effect of judicial conciliation.
    • If either party does not satisfy with the decision, the case will go to the court.
  6. Bank requests compensation for damage to the insurance company (or mutual aid association) based on the final dispute settlement decision.

In case where users request settlement of disputes caused by the incidents set forth in Article 20, clause 1 of General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Financial Transaction, users shall cooperate in investigations conducted by bank or the competent investigation authorities in accordance with Article 30 of General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Financial Transaction.

Way to apply Financial Distribute Settlement

  • Send E-mail dongjinkim@kr.hsbc.com or fax 02)6716-0238.
  • Visit Customer Service Centre and submit an application form.

Financial Incidents caused by users’ intention or gross negligence

With enforcement of Electronic Financial Transaction Act (Effective date: Jan 1 2007), bank’s responsibility is considerably expanded. However, the following cases are deemed as incidents caused by users’ intension or gross negligence.

  • In case where users entrust the third party such as family, friends and colleagues with his/her own access means (eg. Password, OTP, digital certificate, etc.)
  • In case where users disclose personal information (eg. Password, Account number, etc.) deceived by the internet loan advertisement.
  • In case where users expose or neglect password (or a scratch paper where password is written) which is too simple obviously like birthday, resident registration number, phone number, 0000, 1234,etc.
  • In case where users do not delete a digital certificate after using it at a public place (eg. Internet cafe)
  • In case where users provide information on his/her own access means to bogus websites or e-mails for phishing.
  • In case where users reveal or expose his/her own access means for all that he/she has known or could have known easily that 3rd parties without authority could make electronic financial transactions using the access means.
  • In case where users lend or entrust/transfer or pledge his/her access means to 3rd parties.