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HSBC will provide stable and efficient Trade Financing Services

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A Documentary Letters of Credit, also known as a "DC", is a cornerstone of international trade.



HSBC offers tailored financing solutions to meet your financing needs and to improve your cash flow.




A DC issued by HSBC allows exporters to ship with confidence knowing that the DC is backed by one of the world's largest banks.

HSBC is able to provide import financing to customers who purchase raw materials or products from overseas.
A Standby Letter of Credit is often used to protect against non-performance of contractual obligation by the exporter.

Our comprehensive range of export finance solutions can help you manage your cash flow, allowing you to focus on building your business.

Export Financing offered by HSBC takes into account your unique requirements at different stages of the trade cycle.
Forfaiting transactions involve the bank purchasing trade bills at a discount, with bills of exchange or promissory notes accepted or guaranteed by a bank.
HSBC provides a comprehensive range of collection services under both D/P and D/A terms.